My hands-on work is a time-tested, client-approved strategy, designed to bring balance to both mind and body. I offer extremely effective, client-focused treatment for men and women all about getting results.


My work is about listening to your body and working with you to address what's going on. I offer a hands-on way of reducing stress, maintaining optimal muscular health, rehabilitating muscular injuries & discomfort, as well aiding in sport & activity-related muscular recovery.

"After a surgery, I had 2 years ago my life has been a painful revolving door of visits to my DR and  Physical Therapists, nothing worked. When I was about to give up I googled sports massage and found Brian, he changed my life!!

I am beyond grateful" AT-




A gentle yet powerful hands-on form of bodywork designed to monitor the cranial rhythm and encourage the body into balance and self-healing.



An effective non-invasive methodology working to relax the body and nervous system with vibratory energy created through sound. A for-real tune-up of the body on a cellular level using tuning forks on specific points around the body.



This style of bodywork uses reverse pressure; AKA suction applied to the soft tissues of the body to remove stagnation from deep inside the system, loosen muscular fascia, increase blood flow and soften adhered muscular tissue.


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I developed my distinct rhythmic massage style over many years working both privately and at premier gyms, training facilities, and Yoga studios in the tri-state area.


My massage is a mixture of deep relaxation and healing through the integration of Eastern and Western styles of touch. My approach to the body is an educated, focused, no B.S. style of releasing stress, relaxing tension, repairing problems and educating people about functional wellness.


I am an Artist, Licensed Massage Therapist, Personal Trainer and Kundalini Yoga Instructor.


NY State Licensed Massage Therapist #022836-1

NJ State Licensed Massage Therapist #18KT01281800

BFA The Cooper Union

AS The Swedish Institute of Massage Therapy

Certified Medical Massage Therapist, Swedish Institute

Certified Cupping Massage Therapist, ICA

Certified Acutonics practitioner

Certified Basic Craniosacral practitioner, CTA

Certified Kundalini Yoga Instructor, KRI

TRX trained TRX instructor

 I am an active member of The American Massage Therapy Association

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