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This  series of drawings titled ADAM has been underway for the past 14 years. It began as I started exploring the healing arts. From the very start of this journey I knew It was one worth documenting and these drawings have been with me the entire way. They are born out of the magnificent array of human energy and healing patterns I have encountered working with countless amazing people. No one image represents a specific person instead they all stand as representations of our shared energetic existence.

Now in a time where touch and close contact is extremely vulnerable I am returning to my archives and asking each of my clients to consider purchasing a drawing or small set of drawings in order for me to generate the much needed revenue to keep my healing practice alive during this blow to the wellness industry.

My work is client by client, if I do not see you I do not make money. If this is our new normal for sometime my practice will not survive.

In this time of uncertainty I turn back to my art.

There are more then 200 drawings in this series.

 12" x 18" white drawing on black paper unframed.

Each drawing is $145.00 the price of a 60 min healing session.

Please have a look a the selection below, it is a sampling of whats available. If you are interested in seeing more and possibly purchasing a drawing we can FaceTime. There I can show you more from this series and stay interactive ( even if it virtual ) in a time when I may be unable to see you in person.

Please reach out to me by text at

917 968 2112

Brian -

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