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Back Story:


This system of manifesting healing drawings came to me in what I call a flash, what some may call a vision.  It was during one of the first meditation sessions I did over 10 years ago. At that time the energetics of my life, manifesting in the artwork I was making began to ask me questions I was unable to answer. In order to find a deeper perspective into myself and my art making process I began to explore Meditation, Yoga, Massage/Bodywork, Energy and Sound Healing.

Since then this flash of insight has developed and stewed in the deepest spaces of my consciousness. It has grown in countless healing session, day by day, movement by movement, breath by breath. This insight has been held, fed and matured close to my heart, through my daily meditations, allowing it the space and time it needed to build its own energetic resonance. As it slowly matured it changed my life. I gained a new expanded perspective of everything. It brought me into my truth like the mantra SAT NAM, slow and steady.

On April 2, 2017 I again received a flash wile meditating. This time, it was that this system of healing, what I now call Drawn-Vibratory-Medicine, is matured and ready for others to receive.


  • How does it work?

    With a short phone conversation, text or email, you share with me what you have going on. I then hold your request in the focus of my daily Sadana (meditation) practice. Where I open a clear channel to our shared UNIVERSAL HEALING ENERGY. Once I have received a clear flash/understanding of your requests energetic pattern I make the drawing you are to meditate on.

  • What do I do once I receive my D-V-M ? Your D-V-M will arrive in a small tube. Simply open and unroll. Display it AS IS, not behind glass for the first 2 weeks. This will allow the energy held within the drawing to resonate with your Subtle Body (Energetic Field) . Place the drawing somewhere you will be able to view it while sitting quietly. Try when viewing your D-V-M to allow your mind to be free of thought and judgement. Do not try and interpret the D-V-M it will unfold its pattern much like a flower opens. Slowly and at its own pace. You are simply to observe.

  • Can I get one for a friend or loved one?

    YES! If you are requesting Drawn-Vibratory-Medicine for a friend or loved one GREAT. It works much the same as above. Tell me in brief the story. The D-V-M will be made and sent to you, to deliver to the person it is resonated for. IT IS IMPORTANT that you do not look at the drawing before the person to whom it was manifested. It is an energetic pattern for them not you. If they wish to share it with you FANTASTIC

  • After the 2 weeks of energy transfer what do I do with my D-V-M

    1. Frame and display your drawing for yourself and others to see. 2. Box and put away your drawing to be looked at or shared as needed. 3. Tear up and dispose of your drawing. Sometime we have to let the energy go. DO NOT BE AFRAID TO TEAR IT UP.

  • How long does it take to manifest my D-V-M

    Each request is different, some are answered in one meditation some may take a few. If your request takes more than 1 week I will contact you. Most Healing Drawings are created daily through the week and shipped to clients the following Monday.


D-V-M sessions are $150.00

this includes, Phone Call, Drawing, shipping and handling.

To set up your D-V-M session please contact me via the link below.

I will reach out within 24 hours to schedule a call.

Payment can be processed then over the phone.

Sample Medicine drawings

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