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Lets get up and start our day with something good. One thing that can effect you from the start is dehydration. This is how I see it. Water in the body is key to all the parts working properly from your mind and muscles to your energy. Water effects a layer of tissue in the body called fascia. Facia is the connective tissue that surrounds everything inside of you. Example: if you were to cut a hole in the top if your head and pour a thick colored liquid in watching it flow down covering everything this would be your facia. With this visual you get an idea of how vast a body system it is. The interesting thing that I have found working hands on with 1000’s of people is that stress LOVES to hang out in your fascia as well. You can think of this connective tissue as a pathway for energy both positive and negative to travel around the body. How can water help you ask…If you are dehydrated you are depleting the fluidity of this tissue, it stiffens and begins to constrict every part of you physically and energetically. You then enter every situation during your day already at a depleted state with tight and constricted fascia. Stress then gets added to the equation and off you go into a spiral of negative effects. If you hydrate you can add fluidity to your physical and energetic body so that when the stress of life comes in it flows and moves through you easier and your internal system processes it smoothly.

Try starting your day, about 15 min before Coffee, with a large glass of water. Squeeze in a lemon to help to boost your metabolism even more. Start to notice if you feel any different throughout your day, trust me you will.

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