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I am always amazed by how much I learn when I teach my massage workshops. Tonight is week three of my current class BUILDING A FULL BODY MASSAGE.

Sharing touch is such an amazing thing, I feel honored to be a part of the path these new hands-on guys are taking. As I watched them working last week I realized the power of something I always love to see. The simple moment when the group falls out of working from the head and begins to work from the core. I talk about this concept yet it takes some real hands-on time for it to sink in and when it does Its like a murmuration or a morphogenic reaction. If the group is tuned to one another, once one of the members hits a stride and transition from thought mind to intuitive mind all the others follow. I watched it last week wash over the room like a wave. I wish you could all be there to see something so cool unfold.

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