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A studio morning

With lots of time in my studio awaiting a somewhat normal world to return eager for a hands-on connection, I drift further and further into the lonely world of creativity.

I rarely use the word lonely; however, it is a great way to explain the art studio and the creative process. In this void, I often work with little thought. For me, painting or the act of painting is like meditation. I strive to be neutral, allowing what is to surface, then recognizing its form, allowing it to be I move on.

Later in the organizational part of making, I begin to look things over, and the trouble starts. My brain starts picking at and stinking up all the creative beauty.

Today I find myself doing this with the body of work I am now bringing into fruition; I see it as pretty, and I'm not sure that's what I want.

HA, WHAT I WANT...Maybe it's not about me.

As the days grow colder, I see many hours of this ahead, so I take a moment, recognize what my pesky brain is trying to do. I say no to the self-sabotage that so quickly creeps in, and instead, I will share my thought with cyberspace in case anyone else is looking.

Please remember if you take the time to read this, feedback is welcome.

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