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Now that Winter is upon us and the snow is already falling in New Jersey I find myself deep in studio mode. I am now working away on some new ideas after some time of sketching and looking around. In the last six months I created a new and exciting body of work I call The Boys of Summer. These simple line drawings started this past Summer in Fire Island Pines, New York, where I work as a Massage Therapist (and play on the beach). This Summer I found myself drawing colorful lines on white paper with very little rhyme or reason. I wanted to further explore the energy around me and felt that these simple colored lines captured how, in the heat of Summer on a magical island, energy flowed in beautiful abundance. After some time of working I began to think about the men I was working with on my massage table and how at times as energetic beings we bring our energy into situations, and at other times we are vessels for the energy of situations we find ourselves in. I considered how this flow of energy between the environment and the physical body affects us as energetic beings. With that thought in mind I introduced a figure into the lines I was drawing and began to blend the two together, thus birthing this new project.

Projects in my studio have a beginning and end, however I have learned over the years that finished is a flexible state for me, being that the threads of inspiration often return. Some ideas have floated in and out of the studio for years. That has happened again and transformed into something wholly different and new with The Boys of Summer.

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