I had a fantastic session yesterday with another AMAZING new client.

He was recovering from a host of physical issues that he had been working with for a number of years.

Physical conditions manifest in many ways. One I have found over my 1000's of hands on hours is MUSCULAR TRAUMA. We hear of a pulled muscle, we hear of a torn muscle, fatigued, and tight, yet TRAUMA is not often discussed.

The way I see it is our muscles are like external hard drives for our overall system. EVERYTHING we do, feel, think and experience is stored in this system. What we hold is not compartmentalized to the organ of our brain. It is instead held in our mind. The mind is a far reaching complex system that inhabits every cell within us; even stretching into our energetic fields outside our body.

A magnificent modality ( style of body work ) that gets to the heart of this concept is CRANIOSACRAL therapy. This style of body work when done properly can ignite the process of self healing necessary for Muscular Traumas to be released.

If you have not had this type of work IT IS TIME!


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