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Tantric energy is creative energy.


TANTRIC ENERGY is the life force inside us all that animates our existence. For thousands of years, the Vedic people who resonated deeply with this energy became known as TANTRIC seekers. Their temples, adorned with sexual motifs, have been interpreted for centuries, often more simply than intended.


TANTRIC does not equal SEXUAL. Tantric philosophy sees the human body as the bridge to the divine. The energy held within the vessel we inhabit is our key to enlightenment. Sexual expression is one of the most heightened expressions of this powerful life force, thus its use in TANTRIC ICONOGRAPHY. 

 From my perspective, our Western interpretation of this symbolism has led to confusion. Our sexual morality has trained us to feel shame and separated from this creative life force inside us. Our simplistic western focus on our sexual organs as our erogenous zones has abandoned so much of our body, our "bridge to the divine."

Celebrating what it feels like to feel, my work in men's massage, men's wellness, and art are about expanding this concept of manifesting a fuller life experience.  For the past 15 years, I have worked on a series of drawings exploring TANTRIC ENERGY from a Massage perspective. After sessions, I have drawn the patterns and energy fields I feel. This work aims to allow these simple depictions to resonate with the world as visual symbols of the TANTRIC forces inside us. I hope they will inspire us to dig deeper and explore all our bodies offer.

TANTRIC MASSAGE WITH AN ENERGY PORTRAIT is a great way to begin this journey.

 Each portrait is completed after our massage session.

Portraits are 12" x 18" white drawing on black paper, framed in black. 


INCLUDED IS A 60 min massage and One ENERGY DRAWING

Drawing are completed after our session and will be available for pick up at your next session or the studio one week later.



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Working with Brian on this was amazin. I have had my energy portrati hanging in my office now for some time, and each time I see it I am trasported back to his table.

It relaxes me.

IMG_8479 2.JPG


OMG how fun was this. I booked a session for me and now have given this amazing experience of massage and art to three frineds, they are all more relaxed and so happy with their portraits.

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