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Brian Riley LMT
Mar 10, 2019
Hi to all my AMAZING clients, friends & client-friends... I have been talking with a lot of you about meditation. Like everything that is good for you, meditation is work and a process of incremental growth. It is not a rite or wrong thing! It is a will I or wont I thing. Something I have found special about Kundalini Kriya and meditation is not only does it train the mind to slow down it simultaneously strengthen your WILL POWER. Yogi Bhajan often said the hardest part of a yoga and meditation practices is getting one's self on the mat "KEEP UP AND YOU WILL BE KEPT UP". SO, JUST DO IT.... Sounds easy.... WELL......IT IS NOT, AND SHOULD NOT, BE EASY. Think of the western term WORKOUT, it has the word work in it for a reason. Meditation is a workout for your brain. Being that I know many of you have nice big brains... lets get started. THE SAT KRIYA CHALLENGE - I call it a challenge because.... You will soon find out. Sat Kriya is one of the most powerful and complete postures/kriyas Yogi Bhajan taught. It is an "entire Yoga class in one posture". Sat Kriya is fundamental to Kundalini yoga and meditation. Yogi B. said this Kriya could be practiced on its own every day, and if done correctly it would give its doer all they need to succeed. He also was know to say that If you put your shit under a ton of pressure you get a diamond.... so lets start together to shine with 3 minutes of SAT KRIYA a day for 1 week. Its effects are numerous, try it and you will see your personal power shine! We will then build our practice up to 12 min of Sat Kriya a day over the next four weeks. ARE YOU READY TO PUT THAT SHIT UNDER SOME PRESSURE.... For motivation and to build group consciousness please get involved in each others progress by becoming a BRLMT FORUM MEMBER, posting and commenting on the things this simple... Kriya will teach you. You can learn Sat Kriya by watching this tutorial by GURU PREM Then simply pick a time, sit, practice for 3 min and let us know how it went.

Brian Riley LMT

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