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BALANCE… I have a magic book, as I am sure so many of us do. This is a book that I return to over and over again in different phases of my life. It’s tattered, worn and full of goodness. Reading it today I came across something about balance that I would like to share. THE THREEFOLD STRUCTURE OF THE HUMAN BEING. THE BODY: “The physical or gross body is the first facet you must master and understand as a human being. It is your vehicle to travel through this life. Your inner machinery is very complicated and subtle. It is not just flesh and bone that you can see. It’s a very well designed system. It has glands, blood circulation, breathing apparatus, heartbeat pulsation, a brain, sensory apparatus, and a complex nervous system. All these systems combine and interweave with structures of flesh and bone to constitute your physical system.” THE MIND: “The mind is the second facet in our human life. If the horizon of the mind is thought, understanding, tolerance, and if patience is limited, and if the mind is not so beautifully functional that it can see the unseen, and understand the consequences of each action, then it is practically impossible to live a happy life.” “As you think, so you are. The mind guides your actions and emotions. If you do not have a good road map, you do not know where you are going.” THE SOUL: “The soul the spirit. As no lamp can burn without a combustable fuel, so no life can exist without a relationship to the spirit. Spirit has many meanings, tones and facets. If there is a central thread in it, it is the general flow of the cosmic energy… You must learn how you can tune into this energy in order to accomplish your own purpose."

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