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One of the things I love about the practices of massage, bodywork, and functional fitness is their ability to affect the critical components of a balanced life, BODY, MIND, BODY-MIND, AND SPIRIT.

In my private wellness studio, BRLMT ART & WELLNESS, and my men's wellness group IN TOUCH MEN, I strive to bridge the abovementioned to help men gain a deeper understanding of how vital their balance is.

With life kicking back into gear in my healing practice, I find myself transitioning from my art studio, where I spent most of the last year, to the wellness studio. I can feel the deep MIND/SPIRT connection I have while making art moving to an even deeper BODY/MIND/BODY-MIND/SPIRIT connection I find in my wellness studio. This deeper, broader relationship is what gets me so excited. Many modern life areas put us into smaller and smaller boxes, much like Covid did when It closed around us. When this happens, the flow of energy, chi, prana, lifeforce, call it what you wish, between our parts is impaired.

A smooth flow of this energy is critical to a balanced life.

Fun fact: Did you know that you are in no way pulling oxygen into your body when you take a deep inhale? NOPE. What is happening is you are creating space, and once that space appears, the atmosphere of planet earth rushes in like a river unleashed from a dam. HMMMMMMM

Let's get back to business, literally! Let's get you back to a deeper connection to all your beautiful parts.

BRLMT ART & WELLNESS and IN TOUCH MEN are beginning to build into its program a new element I call FUNCTIONAL FITNESS. A bit of personal training mixed with Kundalini Yoga, spiced up by Meditation and followed by deep relaxation and sound.

If you are interested in this concept, feel a need to reconnect with your BODY, MIND, BODY-MIND, AND SPIRIT, please REACH OUT.

I am offering several FREE TRIAL SESSION to a select few IN TOUCH MEN. Functional fitness may be just what you need.

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