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A considerable gift

This week, I received a considerable gift when seven courageous men took a leap of faith and dove back into touch. IN TOUCH MEN had its first two workshops and wow, wow, wow did the energy start flowing again. I truly feel blessed by the place I find myself in, during this still troubled time.

When looking at conscious-touch from a learning perspective, it begins to flower like nothing I have ever encountered before. When started, a touch practice will teach you about yourself and others in the most profound and beautiful ways. Taking a deep dive and returning to our original form of communication is something I encourage everyone to do.

A conscious-touch practice takes the notion found in Kundalini Yoga, of group consciousness (an energy manifestation found when groups of human beings come together and collectively practice with focus, blending their attention thus energy together) to the next level.

Kundalini yoga introduces group consciousness to a Yogic self-practice pattern, however, only on an energetic level and often discourages the introduction of touch. An Individuals' practice is their practice.

Conscious-Touch blends two or more people together on every level of being human, no other practice that I know does this. I hope you will consider blending with us soon.

TOUCH and YOGA WORKSHOPS for men who have completed their COVID vaccinations are now scheduled weekly.

Please visit for details


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