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Listen up RUNNERS.

The weather is getting nice and I know you all very well… This means new sneakers, more miles, more tight I.T. Bands. After your runs a lot of you sprint to the foam roller for relief…. Let me say I HAVE A BETTER WAY.

The I.T. band is a layer of connective tissue that runs the side of the leg from the hip to the knee. Its job is to help stabilize the knee during its actions. When you run you activate the large muscles of the legs and put a lot of pressure on the knees… The I.T. Band gets a workout. It can become adhered to the quads leading to trouble. MASSAGE CUPPING is the best way to help with this condition. It uses suction (reverse pressure) to actually pull the adhered tissues off each other. This is the opposite of FOAM ROLLING with crushes the tissues into each other.

I have had my hands on 1000’s of legs and I know cupping works best!

Try a session today and feel for yourself.

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