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I am back in NJ now after an amazing summer where I spent a lot of time doing massage in Fire Island Pines. What a place...... The boys of summer let it all hang out this year. What i find so amazing about Fire Island is how at one moment it is a packed and crazy boy filled wonderland and then a moment latter it is an empty, serene almost alien landscape. My time was filled with meeting some amazing men, and swimming in the amazing ocean. If you have never visited this beautiful place just a few hours from us, YOU ARE MISSING OUT.

Now that I am back for the fall I hope to get all of you on my table at the Montclair Office. I have some amazing drawings now on display titled THE BOYS OF SUMMER. Stop by and see them and find the one to take home for your walls.

I hope you all had a great summer and here's to a wonderful and healing FALL.

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